BSM's Pricing and Product Leadership Bring You Lower Costs and Increased Revenues

BSM destroys the excessive costs and restrictive license practices typical of financial planning software and portfolio monitoring vendors; BSM and the Avenue Robo-4-Advisors package give you increased revenues

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Unprecedented Value

BSM not only delivers top-end, advanced functionality across its entire service spectrum, but your costs will be 50% to 90% of your current configuration.

Bundled Data

Whether it’s mutual fund, stocks, ETFs, and benchmark performance/risk database or the complete Petersen’s Guide to Colleges or the Genworth Long-Term Cost Survey, you gain 100% analytical integration with your financial planning software subscription (and it is at the data-architecture level not simply a data pass through).

No License Commitment Periods

 If you decide to stop using BSM for any or all of your clients you can do so whenever you want and without condition.

Full, Unconditional Refunds 

For the previous 12-months of payments in any year you become dissatisfied, your costs will be refunded in full.

Pay as You Go

Instead of paying a lump-sum license whether you will use a software tool for one or one hundred clients, BSM’s financial planning software and portfolio monitoring subscriptions allow you to use BSM only for those clients that will benefit from BSM’s services. This keeps your overhead matched to your usage.

Grow into BSM

Whether you are just beginning your practice or are in the process of ending various software license commitments before you can operationally commit to BSM completely, you can get started with BSM client by client with zero upfront commitments.

Much Lower Costs

With BSM’s $6,000 annual license maximum and no limit to the number of clients, once you reach 120 clients, your per client costs decline proportionally.  And, if you have more than one user per location, your costs plummet since the $6,000 maximum is for your physical location.

Increase Revenues

For your RoboAdvisor package, instead of sharing AUM fees with a vendor, you set the fees you want to charge and keep every AUM fee dollar received.

Increase Profits

Increased revenues and lower costs mean more profits and higher profit margins.