BSM Builds Great Wealth Management Solutions by Thinking First and Applying Technology Second

BSM’s Financial Planning Software and Portfolio Rebalancing Tools were Built to Completely Change the Industry’s Software Economics, Deliver Highly-Productive Systems, and Produce Top-End Output

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BSM’s functional, technical, and operating leadership illustrate the wonderful mixture of a dedicated team’s interests, values, and practices working together to produce solutions that advance an entire industry.

Too often, technical solutions miss the business requirements at hand.  What you end up with is an interesting system that doesn’t really solve problems.  Energizing BSM’s development methods are these vital questions:

1) What frustrations do advisors and financial planners face in getting work done?

2) How can services be enhanced by removing unnecessary process distractions?

3) What obstacles exist that prevent adoption of more efficient methods?

You see, BSM’s development practices start from the advisor’s and investor’s perspective and, then, technological solutions are designed.  “What”, you might be thinking, “were the answers to these questions for BSM’s many functions?”  Our deep understanding of the investment advisory business brings these three fundamental principles to your purchase decision:

Cost.  Let’s face it, while the benefits of a system occur over time, the cost must be born immediately.  The investment software industry has a history of charging high license fees annually (often for the same basic feature set acquired with the first payment) making it difficult to swallow the cost before the productivity advances arrive later on.

Disconnected Systems.  Businesses these days are running flat out and few extra hours exist to pursue adoption of a tool that is disconnected from other technologies already in place.  Also, every new tool requires an upfront investment of time before the productivity benefits begin.  With few exceptions, investment software vendors have done little to speed set up, customization, and integration.

Weak Output.  As odd as it may seem at first given the electronic age we are in, the quality of a tool’s output must rise to a high standard of excellence since this output (still preferred by clients in paper form) represents the tangible evidence of the advisor/planner’s capabilities.  If one tool’s output doesn’t fit with another, then the desired seamless presentation falls apart or requires significant re-work.  Often, the hassle overcomes the benefit and nothing changes.