BSM's Financial Planning and Portfolio Software Leadership Changes the Trajectory of Your Profitability

Before Considering BSM’s Wealth of Financial Planning Software and Portfolio Monitoring Features, it is Important for You to Know About BSM’s Business and Development Priorities

Priorities IconWith so many stresses, choices, and ambitions in your day, we encourage you to be rigorous in your evaluation not only of BSM’s extensive product features, but equally so with our business orientation. Simply, do we represent the type of financial-planning and investment-advisory software company you want to do business with now and long into the future?

We expect you will find that BSM’s functional, technical, operating, and business-practices leadership illustrates a wonderful mixture of a dedicated team’s interests, values, and practices to produce solutions that advance your interests . . . and those of an entire industry.

As you consider BSM’s wealth of features and functions, it is helpful for you to know how we think about our business and how we build relationships.  BSM delivers such functional breadth and depth with a pricing approach so value focused that, practically, cost is of little concern.  From this position, you can freely ask these questions:

Will this tool make my business more productive and profitable?
Will my clients benefit?
Will my services be more competitive?

An important aspect related to your adoption of a new software tool falls on the degree of change expected of you to receive the benefits the tool provides.  These are the soft — but real — costs of change.  While there is value in rethinking processes, the fundamental expectation that you must adapt to a software tool runs counter to your productive usage.

BSM’s open-content design allows each user to adapt BSM to a preferred working style not the other way around.   You can change BSM as much or as little as you want.  Do you want to change the way questions or answers are phrased?  Edit them.  Do you want to include your own IPS or proposal or risk-tolerance questionnaire?  Insert them. Do you have your own proprietary investment products you want in an investment roster?  Add them.  Do you have your own model portfolios to use?  Build them.

You can change your preferences with an ease that is unprecedented.   Or, if you like BSM’s default options, you can change nothing and get started right away.