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Note:  BSM’s capabilities have been previously produced under custom, private-label programming contracts.  This Version 5 is the first entry under the BSM brand.

Wealth Planning Consulting, Inc. (WPC), BSM’s marketing, service, and operations home, may be a newer firm in its current structure, but it is over fifteen years old in its wealth planning leadership, architecture, methodology, development, and processes.  BSM arrives with a rich perspective spanning the entire spectrum of financial planning, investment analysis, investment due diligence, portfolio building, portfolio rebalancing, performance reporting, alternative investments, wealth planning applications, and technology delivery.

BSM’s architectural foundation began in 1995 through Kirk Loury’s business plan for an integrated investment system that was funded by RogersCasey and established as InvestWorks (www.invmetrics/investworks). BSM mirrors the investment-process flow underneath InvestWorks’ original business-plan strategy. Further, InvestWorks (like BSM today), centered on delivering economic value to users far surpassing competing products.

From the InvestWorks base, BSM’s investment-horizon and financial planning functions came together during Loury’s tenure as the President and Chief Investment Officer of Spencer Trask Asset Management, a division of Spencer Trask & Company, a venture capital firm. These building blocks were captured in a major initiative that Loury led for investment and portfolio designs underlying Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI), an important wealth-preservation tool for the Ultra HNW market. (Loury’s approach was ultimately published in book form in 2005 by Bloomberg Press).

As a result of his heavy involvement in financial planning, Loury brought all of BSM’s philosophies, structures, and design guidelines together in 2004/2005, which were later published in an article in the Journal of Wealth Management (Fall 2008).

Beyond InvestWorks’ investment analysis and BSM’s financial planning leadership, Loury’s software designs included commercially delivered portfolio rebalancing and performance reporting systems. All these important services now exist in an integrated form in BSM.

BSM is in its third software deployment since 2006 and the fifth version, which is an entirely new technical framework and business execution. While the concepts and philosophies remain the same, BSM, as a cloud-based implementation, launches advanced integration of an array of advisory functions, all of which extend integration from mere data connections to a common architecture, software design, user interface, and output presentation.

Sam Matangi, as BSM’s co-Chief Technology Officer and Chief Operating Officer, brings a long history of building back-office systems for the investment industry such as fixed income, equities, derivatives, accounting, order management, execution, performance, and risk analysis for firms such as:  Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Dow Jones, Bank of New York, and RBC. Matangi’s expertise channels BSM’s varied functions into a single, technical whole with efficient execution and delivery. With extensive mathematical, statistical, and project-management expertise, Matangi delivers the highest-level implementation of BSM’s many investment-analytic services found in performance/risk analysis, simulations/optimizations, trading/execution, and custodian-data handling.

Nikur Mody, co-Chief Technology Officer with Matangi, leads BSM’s on-site database, development, testing, and maintenance teams in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.  Mody determines BSM’s resource allocations, technical tools, and quality assurance which is complementary to his wide array of engineering, project management, and technical expertise.

With BSM’s financial planning advancements and integration, it stands alone in its breadth, depth, and economic value delivered to investment advisors of all types. While BSM possesses all of the advanced technology and architecture you would expect in a cloud-computing platform today, its set of rich, functional solutions were born over many years from live practice in solving investment issues for institutional investors, investment advisors, and high-net-worth individuals alike.