Reliable and Secure Technology Supports Your Use of BSM's Financial Planning and Portfolio Monitoring Tools

BSM’s Cloud-Based Delivery and Technological Design Represents the Latest Capabilities, Speed, and Security in Delivering its Financial Planning Software and Portfolio Monitoring Tools

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The temptation in discussing technology is to focus on the back-end hardware, operating systems, data bases, telecommunication methods, security and so forth. That stuff is below. The first aspect of a technology review should answer the question that is on your mind: “How does BSM’s technology work with me instead of against me?” The answer requires the deft handling of two competing principles: flexibility and ease of use.


Make no mistake that efficiency is important, and the most efficient tools are those that fit the way you want to work. However, the software-design challenge is to allow flexibility without creating a horror in the set-up process. A flexible software tool is useless if you end up throwing your hands in the air out of frustration for the hours spent customizing.

Ease of Use

A program that isn’t easy to use, well, won’t be used. However, if a process is too simplistic it is invariably too rigid. In the advisory business, a rigid system won’t be able to handle the unusual client circumstances you commonly face.

BSM’s mastery of these two principles is shown in BSM’s innovative interface — how the program looks and works. From the ability to customize any text so that the words reflect how you (or your client) describes things to fast data entry into grids to selecting your preferred color scheme, BSM wants to invite your use. Indeed, BSM’s significant investment in interface design and technology proves our emphasis: “What is used delivers on the promise.”

Technical Configuration

With all that said, BSM comes to you through technology. As such, BSM’s architecture deploys the most advanced programming and database structures available. Using the Microsoft .Net framework and the SQL 2008 database, BSM’s technical platform is designed from the ground up for a highly-scaled business.

Operating in a Cloud Computing environment, BSM’s hardware backbone represents the most powerful systems, operations, and security in the industry. And for those of you concerned about compliance, BSM’s data center is fully SSAE 16 (replacing SAS-70) certified. BSM’s configuration permits near instantaneous increases in computing power to handle any unexpected usage peaks. What does this all mean for you? BSM delivers fast response and constant uptime.

Development Ownership

All of BSM’s varied functions were designed, programmed, tested, and executed through BSM’s talented team of developers. We own all of our software technology. Why is this important? If we encounter a problem or want to add a new feature, we can do so without getting slotted into some other firm’s development plan. Also, our business approach targets immediate deployment of functional refinements and new features. In other words, as our users vote on development priorities through BSM’s Suggestion Box, we go to work implementing the priority suggestions. When each item is completed, you get to use it right away. (This is quite unlike other SaaS offerings that oddly make you wait several months for key features in a batched release. Note that with server-based software, you have no choice but to wait for new features in a batch since the new release must be physically handled, installed, and tested on your own servers by your technical team.)