Sam Matangi Uniquely Combines Extensive Technical Skills with Refined Knowledge of Financial Planning and Portfolios

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Sam Matangi, a US Citizen located in New Jersey with Kirk Loury (each having known the other since 2002), serves BSM in two leadership capacities. First, along with Nikur Mody, Matangi is the co-Chief Technology Officer in which he specializes in BSM’s 1) universe, product, performance, and risk analysis system, 2) portfolio rebalancing, 3) account aggregation, and 4) portfolio accounting, custodial, and other external data mapping. In addition, Matangi is BSM’s Chief Operating Officer wherein he manages the entirety of the technical, operational, and communication infrastructure.

Matangi is unusual in combining his broad-based software development and operational talents with an array of security/insurance licenses and financial planning/financial analyst coursework. Moreover, he is a licensed Project Management Professional and instructor in which he has executed over 150 separate projects using both Project Management Institute (PMI) and Agile project-management disciplines.

With over 18 years of challenging leadership experience in a variety of technical deployments, Matangi has covered the gamut of financial and investment systems: fixed income, equities trading, derivatives, wealth management, and investment/portfolio valuation.

His technical expertise is an impressive roster of client server deployments, communication architecture, database design/architecture, web application development, server-based application development, and systems management.

While Matangi has achieved excellence in high-level project management, he is an on-the-ground technologist with skills that permit him to quickly execute solutions using a variety of operating systems, programming languages, databases, and communication protocols. These skills have built systems for highly sophisticated investment and financial services firms such as:

  • Goldman Sachs: post execution trading system;
  • HSBC: establishing communication to transmit trades; automatic failover mechanism; FIX Engine and Calypso;
  • Dow Jones: billing systems;
  • Citigroup: establishing communication to transmit trades; automatic failover mechanism);
  • Bank of New York: implementation of a money transfer system;
  • Royal Bank of Canada: financial risk management system; options and futures, electronic program and algorithmic trading systems; soft dollar and cost plus pricing; FIX engine; market data integration; client invoice billing system.


An accomplished learner, Matangi received his BS in Mathematics from the S.V. University, (Tirupati, India), a post-graduate diploma in computer sciences from the University of Hyderabad, (Hyderabad, India), a post-graduate diploma in management from Ignou (New Delhi, India), and a mini-MBA in Finance Essentials from Rutgers University (New Jersey).