Compatible Firms Become More Competitive by Adding BSM's Financial Planning and Portfolio Monitoring Tools

The BSM Private Label License Launches an Entirely New Service Expansion for Complementary Data, Product, Custodian, or Platform Providers that Significantly Enhances Competitive Position, Improves Client Control, and, if Desired, Generates Revenue

Financial planners and portfolio solution advisors of all types hunger for software and service integration. BSM offers a remarkably low-cost method of feeding this hunger for complementary service providers such as investment product suppliers, investment data firms, custodians, wealth-planning platforms, and others.

The Private Label License provides the BSM platform wholly customized to your current service package . . . as though your firm produced BSM itself. Your firm’s logo, color scheme, and other formats are obvious connections, but this license gives the tightest level of integration conceivable, true 5-pillar engineered integration. While the customization options are vast, think about these tactical benefits as a start:

  • Increase revenues with expanded, proprietary services
  • Minimize other vendors’ influence over your client relationships
  • Significantly lower your clients’ current software costs
  • Expand services on a nearly pure variable-cost basis
  • Increase your brand’s market footprint
  • Raise exit barriers for new and existing clients
  • Control all the functional components in the Integrated solution
  • Get to market quickly with minimal fixed costs
  • Promote your own products within BSM’s functions
  • Set trading/execution links through your firm’s systems


It is entirely your choice how you connect these costs to your current business and marketing model.  The following are all valid strategic approaches and could, for example, be mixed within your product offering based on client segments:

  • Absorb the cost and deliver your branded bundle at no additional charge in order to institute greater exit barriers, set a higher competitive profile, and launch a path for increased asset or transaction volumes.
  • Charge clients a cost pass-through fee with no mark-up as an expanded service; this fee will be vastly less than what your clients pay annually to current software vendors.
  • Charge clients a mark-up and make the BSM Private Label bundle a revenue generator and still save your clients thousands of dollars annually.
  • Insert your branded bundle within a larger package of trading/execution services such that the services will be soft-dollar eligible.


By incorporating BSM’s functionality through a Private Label License into your own product/service offering, your firm can dramatically improve its strategic and operational connections to the RIA, B/D, bank, accounting, and related advisory target markets. Contact us about this program and we will be happy to work with you to put together a software-service package that will set your firm on an accelerated growth curve.

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