Our Solution Delivers Capabilities to Advance Your Services and Increase Your Profitability

BSM’s Financial Planning Software and Portfolio Monitoring Subscriptions Offer Wide-Ranging Functionality and true 5-Pillar Integration at an Unparalleled Value

No Compromises Functionality™

BSM gives you “no compromises functionality”™ across the range of your software requirements – financial planning, estate planning, trust construction, investment analysis, portfolio building, investment policy statements, proposal generation, portfolio rebalancing, trading/execution, CRM integration, and custody integration – at a packaged price that will save your firm thousands of dollars.  But that’s only half the story.  You gain a single system for top-end, polished output that is exceedingly easy-to-use, fast, and scalable.

5-Pillar Integration™

The need for software integration is a top priority, especially for the small- to mid-sized advisory firm.  Really, the solutions in the market offered are very thin, essentially data sharing and a single ID/PW sign on.  You’re still faced with learning different interfaces, figuring out various analytical methods, and messing with different output systems and quality.    (Not to mention, different service methods, license agreements, pricing structures, technology platforms, update schedules . . . it is any wonder why “integration” is the biggest need among advisors?)

BSM’s five-pillars of integration:

1.         Data integration

2.         Common interface

3.         Common analytics

4.         Output system

5.         Output quality

These five pillars give your firm not only efficiencies but, most important, a highly competitive presentation standard.  And, by doing so, your firm cuts its costs while expanding its services.  That’s a winning combination anywhere.

See what you get . . . see what you gain.

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