Kirk Loury has Extensive Financial Planning, Wealth Management, and Investment/Portfolio Expertise

Loury HeadshotKirk Loury is the Founder and President of Wealth Planning Consulting, Inc. (WPC).

WPC has produced an entirely new platform for the Balance Sheet Methodology (BSM), a fully integrated financial planning software platform that has among its many functions, goals-based planning, cash-flow analysis, advanced estate planning, investment product evaluationportfolio design and selection, investment product selection, integrated investment policy statementsproposal creation, trading/execution integration, portfolio rebalancingaccount aggregation, and performance reporting.

BSM has further reshaped the industry through its highly innovative pricing structure that eliminates the excessive, annual license fees for software tools as well as asset based fees charged by investment platform providers among others.

Previously, Loury was the Chief Investment Officer for Concord Wealth Management, an open-architecture, SMA/UMA-platform provider to investment advisory organizations. At Concord, he led all investment activities comprising investment research, asset class analysis, wealth management, investment planning, investment product due diligence, and portfolio construction, with a particular emphasis on executing research into themes that alter the competitive landscape.

Loury established and was the relationship manager for the largest client at Concord as well as being the top closer for clients seeking to win large investment opportunities.

He designed a wide array of investment and portfolio-technology services: a) rules-based portfolio rebalancing, b) holdings-based portfolio monitoring, c) the entire due diligence process and systems, d) wholly-customizable, educationally-focused performance reporting, and e) the Balance Sheet Methodology.  Loury commonly achieved Concord’s first installation of its tools within the clients he controlled.

He founded and led, as the managing executive, Concord Wealth Consulting, a firm in which Loury delivered his Intellectual Property to wealth-management firms in the areas of integrated investment research, investment education, investment marketing, investment administration, and business-planning services.

He also co-founded and served as chairman for Concord Canada, a joint-venture partner of HighView Financial based in Toronto, Ontario.

Loury’s investment research innovations included: 1) the Concord Coefficient, a value-factor scoring system that demonstrates high accuracy in identifying separate accounts and mutual funds likely to produce excess return over a universe’s benchmark. 2) R/ULR (Return per Unit of Loss Risk), a proprietary analytical tool that combines both Wealth Creation and Wealth Preservation portfolio goals in a single risk measure, 3) Structural Diversification, a portfolio construction strategy that overcomes the weaknesses of mean variance optimizers, and 4) Characteristic-Based Allocations, a method that integrates traditional and alternative investment products in portfolios.

A highly-regarded writer and speaker on investment topics, Loury has developed a library of investment research material that debunks many of the myths and misconceptions existing in the investment-advisory business.

For high net worth individuals, Loury is a national expert in using private placement life insurance (PPLI) as a core, wealth-management tool. Toward this end, Loury was the editor and lead author of  “The PPLI Solution: Delivering Wealth Accumulation, Tax Efficiency, Asset Protection, Through Private Placement Life Insurance” published by Bloomberg Press in 2005.

Prior to Concord, Loury served as the President and Chief Investment Officer for Spencer Trask Asset Management, an advisory subsidiary of Spencer Trask & Co., a New York-based venture capital firm. In this capacity, he developed several portfolio advancements while becoming a national expert in alternative investments’ application in investment portfolios. In addition, he was the Chief Marketing Officer for Spencer Trask Ventures, where he instituted a number of innovations such as Angel Investor Magazine and Due Diligence Marketing.

In 1995, he conceived and founded InvestWorks, an investment analytics company serving investment consultants, investment managers, institutional investors, and financial advisors.  InvestWorks achieved positive quarterly cash flow and the largest number of software licenses in its competitive segment just 18 months after its marketing launch. RogersCasey, a leading institutional investment consultant, provided initial funding and now owns the firm.

Previous positions included: 1) eight years at New York Life Investment Management (NYLIM) where he was a founding partner of Monitor Capital Advisors (a quantitative investment management firm now known as NYLIM Quantitative Strategies) and the Chief Marketing Officer of NYLIM’s institutional marketing efforts and 2) six years as a marketing representative for IBM serving large financial institutions.

Loury received his B.S. from the University of Colorado, Boulder and his M.B.A. from the Harvard Business School.