BSM Includes Vast Amounts of Data that Would Otherwise Be a Cost to You

Most of the Data that Serves as the Raw Material for Your Financial Planning and Portfolio Advice Product is Unique to Each Client, but BSM Includes Vast Amounts of External Data at No Additional Charge

Data Stream Coming from Key Hole with shadowData is to a knowledge-based business what iron ore is to a steel manufacturer. Your financial plans and portfolio/investment product solutions are the by-products of processing data as a raw material.

Raw Material for Financial Planning Software

Your business operates on two types of data: client-specific and generic. While client-specific data leads to a tailored financial plan and portfolio design the investment products’ definition forms itself through the use of generic data.

Like all raw material, this data comes at a cost. For client-specific data, the associated costs are the time to gather the data and enter it into your various software tools (a soft cost). Generic data comes to you by paying a subscription fee from an outside vendor (a hard cost).

Cost Savings for Data in BSM’s Financial Planning Software and Portfolio Monitoring Tools

BSM addresses both the content and cost of data. You will find that BSM’s interface and data-input engineering allow fast entry, making you and your team efficient quickly. As well, the fact that BSM has such broad functional integration — true 5-Pillar Engineered Integration — means that data is entered once and serves all of BSM’s tools: financial planning softwareportfolio designinvestment analysis, investment selection, trading/execution, portfolio rebalancing, and performance reporting.

Included in BSM’s modest financial planning software and portfolio monitoring subscription charges are a wide variety of generic data sources that will permit you to eliminate or reduce your expenses in these areas:

  • Individual Stocks
  • ETFs
  • Mutual Funds
  • Separate Accounts (at a pass-through additional charge)
  • Hedge Funds (at a pass-through additional charge)
  • Variable Annuity Separate Accounts  (at a pass-through additional charge)
  • Benchmarks
  • Calendar-Year Investment Performance
  • Trailing-Year Investment Performance
  • Investment Risk Statistics
  • North American Education Costs
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