BSM's Financial Planning Software and Portfolio Monitoring Platform Delivers Vast Functionality at a Great Value

BSM’s Financial Planning Software and Portfolio Monitoring Tools are Developed with 5-Pillar Integration in a Comprehensive Workflow

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Comprehensive Planning

BSM delivers comprehensive financial planning for your full range of clients, those with simple circumstances and those with high complexity. BSM solves a common flaw with goal-based systems:  the goal is modeled, but the cash flows aren’t interconnected.  When this occurs, there is a funding gap.  (See the white paper “the analysis gap”)  BSM takes a full wealth view and integrates income, taxes, securities, options, property (both appreciating and depreciating), retirement, life insurance, long-term care insurance, trusts, and estates. BSM emphasizes year by year calculations of the shortfall or surplus, an essential condition for competent planning.

Portfolio Rebalancing

The moment you execute a Held portfolio and/or advise on a Held-Away portfolio, daily market movements cause deviation from the target allocation.  These deviations slowly erode the financial plan’s purpose unless rebalancing occurs.  BSM’s Rebalancing system provides not only vast functionality, but vital efficiency too.

You have the option of using default Rebalancing Rule Sets, customizing the defaults, or building a Rule Set from scratch.  The rules inventory covers common rebalancing conditions such as date-based, asset-class bands, transaction efficiency,  interim rebalancing (using deposits and withdrawals), and tax efficiency (optimizing gains, losses, or a combination).  In addition, you can add a variety of more specialized rules including:  Do Not Buy (by ticker or industry), Do Not Sell (by ticker or industry), Cash Flow Variance, Dollar Minimums and Maximums, periodic withdrawals, and one-time cash requests.

BSM processes the assigned Rule Set against each portfolio/account every day.  When all rule conditions are true, you will receive a trading report to approve.  With an OK, then all of the buys and sells are automatically executed through your order management system.  (Note: for non-traded investments such as hedge funds and separate accounts, you will receive a detailed trade blotter instruction for manual execution.)

No one disputes the high value of a rebalancing system, but the greatest impediments to adoption are cost and set up effort.  BSM’s advanced set-up routines — and the Portfolio Subscription’s incredibly low price —  completely remove these impediments from your ability to reap Rebalancing’s full benefits.

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Portfolio Building

The solutions you develop from the planning process move seamlessly to building both Held and Held-Away portfolios of all types, including trusts, variable annuities, family limited partnerships, and family foundations. (BSM provides complete flexibility (and your own customization) in designing portfolios using risk-scoring methods, custom allocations, or your own target returns.)


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Investment Analysis and Selection

In building your portfolios, you have the choice of picking directly from BSM’s complete inventory of 43,000+ investment products or creating your own custom products and/or predefined models. The product database comes with investment- and portfolio-level performance and risk analysis (50+ different performance and risk metrics).


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Investment Policy Statements

As with all of BSM’s functions, the ability to create, edit, and customize the IPS vastly speeds the planning process. Using your own preferred IPS content elements (as many separate IPSs as you want), your client’s or prospect’s pertinent planning and portfolio information are automatically inserted for fast customization.

Proposal Generation and Reporting

Your client or prospect is now ready to review the solutions and portfolios you have produced. BSM’s proposal and reporting tool allows remarkable, vibrantly-graphical presentations through its template-based system that incorporates your own custom content, page-by-page directives (called Factoids), title and section cover pages, and a host of other features. And, with your saved templates fitting your different client segments, you can engage BSM’s Quick Report and Quick Proposal feature to produce customized output with little time and effort.

Account Aggregation ThumbnailAccount Aggregation

No longer is it acceptable to have blinders on during the planning process and only analyze the portfolios and investments you directly control. Competent financial planning must include both Held and Held-Away assets — at the Household level — and we provide integrated account aggregation through an economical pass-through fee from BSM’s aggregation partner. With BSM’s account aggregation and daily feed, your clients’ full financial picture is updated each and every day.

If you are already paying for account aggregation or are contemplating it, BSM delivers full custodial data for both Held and Held-Away portfolios; we pass through the economical cost from our aggregation partner. And, BSM’s Calculation Engine provides 50+ different performance and risk statistics to give you the analytical depth you need for your product brochures, performance reports and analysis. More cost savings are at hand!

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