Work the Way You Prefer using BSM's Extensive Customizing Features throughout All Functions

BSM Eliminates the Frustration of Having to Adjust Your Proven Methods to Fit a Financial Planning Software or Porfolio Monitoring Tool

Apple and Orange Slices in the Shape of an AppleWe live in a world of unparalleled choice that allows self-expression to the finest detail.  Self-expression is the ability to communicate or highlight to others unique features or attributes; such expression, of course, can be trivial or meaningful.

In this age, it is striking how inflexible many financial-planning and investment software tools are in allowing you to differentiate your advice product from your competitors.  Given the many different ways in which you communicate your solutions — financial plans, portfolio designs, investment product selections, proposals, portfolio reports, investment product brochures, investment policy statements, rebalancing reports, trading lists, and performance reports — the more you can present your preferred style and format, the more distinguishable your business will be.

BSM’s design anticipates the fullness of self-expression.  First, you can adjust the way you work with BSM from the phrasing of questions and answers to the associated help text to BSM’s color scheme.

Second, for the more important business issues of client communications, you have unparalleled ability to create cohesive, powerfully-presented documents of all types.  Whether you are presenting a preliminary plan, a proposal, a product performance and risk history, a portfolio design, or a rebalancing report, every page looks the way you want it to — the text, colors, headers, footers, images, tables, and graphs.  And, you can have different looks for different purposes or segments.

Finally, BSM’s customization does not come at the price of ease of use or speed.  You can change as much of BSM’s default formats as you want, whenever you want.  You can designate any of your template formats to produce the same package for new clients in a snap.

The documents you produce bring tangibility to your advice product.  Tangibility, expressed uniquely, is differentiation