BSM's Financial Planning and Portfolio Software has You at the Center of Development, Not the Technology Itself

Substantial Investments in User Productivity have been Made in Both the Financial Planning Software and Portfolio Monitoring Subscriptions

Orange Boxes for Ease of Use

A tool has value only if it is used.  In order for usage to be meaningful, though, the tool’s functions must be understood and applied to the job at hand.

The challenge for any software tool is to address the usage demands of the new or infrequent user as well as those with everyday, detailed experience.  For the former, it means eliminating any problems in getting results the first time; for the latter, it is allowing quick processing born from familiarity.

BSM’s design also recognizes that users have different ways of learning.  Some want to jump right in and start working while others want to be taught beforehand.  With its integrated design, BSM provides several different support methods so your preference will find complete satisfaction.  Note that each of the methods listed below are independent of the other so you can pick and choose as your learning needs dictate.

1) Intuitive Design. 

Beyond using the familiar functions you’ve grown accustomed to with Internet browsers, BSM achieves even greater intuitive understanding by:

a) Setting a logical workflow from planning to execution to monitoring to reporting.

b) Having step-by-step wizards take you through processes systematically.

2) Integration at Hand. 

BSM’s extensive integration means that data and processes move back and forth with minimal intervention and learning on your part.

3) On Screen Instructions. 

You are guided through every BSM feature with on-screen instructions.

4) On-the-Spot Text Help.

Every one of BSM’s functions has an on-demand guide that gives a quick usage explanation (the ? icon).  For the new or infrequent user, these guides eliminate the need to remember details from one instance to the next, while the frequent user need not be burdened with intrusive help formats.

5) Functional Written Guidance. 

While each major function has a default User’s Guide for those that want to learn a process in detail (the “Help and Support” menu item in each navigation tab), these Guides are 100% customizable so you can add reminders, re-order content, or add entire sections to make the Guides more useful for your own purposes.

6) Functional Tutorial Guidance. 

For those that would rather be shown visually how to use a certain function, step-by-step tutorials are available that complement the written Guides.  You simply click on the icon in the Guide to launch the tutorial and see how to perform a function.

7) Formal Training and Demonstrations. 

BSM schedules regular training and demonstration events that are free at all times.  Therefore, for those that want to be taught by an experienced instructor, these sessions are ideal.

8) Live Chat and Support. 

When you want one-on-one help, BSM provides Live Chat or Live Voice support from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Eastern Time.  Our live representatives can assist you in many different ways from walking you through functions, helping you deal with unique situations, working through any problems, or getting your ideas for improvement.  The beauty of Live Chat is the full transcript service.  BSM uses the transcript to document with complete clarity any issues that need further resolution; this is especially useful if more time or research is required on our end.  Also, if you have encountered any issue, then our representatives can see your browser and take screen shots of your experience so you don’t have the frustration of having to describe your problem verbally or in writing.  If an issue needs additional resources, these transcripts make it very productive to involve more people in the resolution without any loss of the original discussion.

9) User-Determined Development Priorities via the Suggestion Box. 

BSM’s Suggestion Box allows every administrator to make suggestions of any type, review other administrators’ suggestions, and enter a vote for those suggestions of most interest.   BSM’s business philosophy of “No Compromises FunctionalityTM”, “5-Pillar IntegrationTM”, ease of use, and exceptional value proves itself through this user-based development approach.