BSM will Integrate with Your CRM and Portfolio Accounting Tools To Minimize Your Operating Hassles

BSM’s Financial Planning Functions Integrate with Your CRM Tool; BSM’s Portfolio Monitoring Functions Integrate with Your Portfolio Accounting System

An All Encompassing Workflow

Your CRM system and BSM have rich data interchange.  While certainly covering the client-level details, BSM initiates these activities, documents and follow ups:

CRM-Portfolio Accounting Integration

BSM, instead of forcing a data conversion, we will interface with your CRM platform, portfolio accounting, and custodian.  We are experts at these data connections and, should we not already have an integration in place with your vendor, we’ll get it done.  It won’t cost you a dime.  (We may ask your assistance in coordinating a meeting with your vendor’s technical team so we can gain the data mapping and data dictionary information we’ll need to implement the integration.)

You will now have full interchange of data across your firm and, for your planning, portfolio, and monitoring services, BSM delivers its 5-pillar integration™ so everything from your data to your analysis to your output is in one easy-to-use and polished platform.

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