Financial Planning Software and Portfolio Monitoring Tools Must be Conscious of the Compliance Requirement

Usage Insights, along with Keeping a Full Record of All Produced Output, Brings Important Records for Compliance 

Compliance Icon with people under a Magnifying Glass with shadowFor regulatory compliance, BSM tracks the data-analysis-decision-output-execution linkage necessary for appropriate validation.

All in, BSM offers a wealth of oversight functions central to a competent and advancing financial-planning and investment-advisory business as highlighted here:

  • No permanent deletions of any entries or output, thereby providing a complete repository of recoverable information.
  • Document archiving of all output from financial plans, cash-flow analyses, proposals, IPSs, portfolio designs, product brochures, trade blotters, and rebalancing rules.
  • Create and edit functional permissions designated to specific User IDs permitting the BSM Administrator to secure content fully or partially depending on the firm’s policies and/or an individual user’s capabilities.
  • Firm-wide functional usage reports through BSM’s management console views (all of which can be designed for targeted analysis).
  • Firm- or User-based client statistics pertaining to financial plan inputs, portfolio designs, investment product execution, rebalancing rule set assignments, and trade/execution actions.
  • Investment product due diligence validations through BSM’s query and filtering system.
  • Business security knowing that the entire BSM software code is in external escrow.
  • Technical security through BSM’s compliant datacenter implementations.
  • Data security via database and data transfer encryption.
  • If desired, data control using BSM’s hybrid subscription service in which the logic and processing is handled at BSM’s datacenter, but data storage and access is through your own database.