Our Logo has Concepts Executed in BSM's Financial Planning Software and Portfolio/Investment Solutions

BSM Logo

BSM’s Logo Carries Several Concepts in its Design; Particularly an Emphasis on Portfolio Solutions that Achieve Cash-Flow Balance with the Financial Plan Over All Investment Horizons

BSM Pie Chart Alone with White Background

 Logo Swoop Alone

BSM Acronym Sitting on Top of Logo 

  Pie Chart Sitting on Top of the B



The design elements in BSM’s logo all have specific meanings:

1) The Pie Chart icon represents a portfolio.

BSM takes the financial planning function through to the execution of the financial plan’s investment solutions: portfolio construction, investment selection, execution, rebalancing, portfolio monitoring, and performance reporting.

2) The Vertical Division of the Pie Chart icon.

The Pie Chart is divided into two equal halves referencing BSM’s balance-sheet structure, particularly that the Assets/Investments on the left side fund the Needs/Goals/Liabilities on the right side.

3) The Horizontal Division of the Pie Chart icon.

The horizontal line through the Pie Chart reinforces that both the left and right sides have different horizons; these horizons dictate the demands and structure of the investment programs.

4) The Swoop from the lower left to the upper right.

The BSM swoop actually has two meanings.

a) The left and right sides connect through the cash flows occurring over time, moving from the long-term (the lower section) to the short-term (the upper section).

b) BSM’s architecture supports multiple currencies and multiple languages, with a clear expectation for international usage; the Swoop reflects the spanning of the world.

5) The BSM acronym sitting on top of the Pie Chart icon.

BSM delivers full integration of the entire financial-planning process with every function connected.

6) The Pie Chart icon on top of the “B” in Balance.

A foundation of BSM’s approach holds that all cash flows over the entire lifespan planning cycle must be in balance.