You Enter Your Client's Data Cleanly and Efficiently; This Sets the Stage for BSM's Analysis and Your Insights

Eye in a Monitor with Shadow

Your work as an advisor applies expertise, insights, and intelligence to solve your clients’ problems and help them realize their aspirations.  Fundamentally, you are in the knowledge business and, like a factory, your business grows based on how much work you can produce.

BSM’s user experience looks at getting all the raw material–a client’s demographic, financial, and wealth data–into your advice “factory” as quickly and accurately as possible.  During this pre-analysis phase, there’s no need for graphical distractions or unnecessary steps.  You need this process to be clean, logical, and flexible (i.e. you are the one that best knows the level of data detail called for by a client’s needs, not some far-away software engineer).

Your added value comes alive when you’re able to illustrate planning improvement plus investment execution as a single, free-flowing process.

The presentation you give reflects upon you and your firm.  The more the analysis, planning, execution, and monitoring show your preferred professional standards, the clearer your competitive differentiation becomes.  It’s not the number of reports that can be produced, but the usefulness of each page in telling a story to a client of help, advancement, confidence, and certainty.

Every software tool has certain things that are done well and other things less so, but the answers to these three questions define the benefit package you seek in making a decision:

  1. Will my costs be less?
  2. Will my revenues increase?
  3. Will I make more money with this software than without?


BSM’s functions and costs deliver this benefit package more effectively than any financial/wealth planning tool (or collection of tools).

Engage us in your work and needs.  Help us refine our understanding of what you want.  Lead us into your own story.  The collective inspiration that results produces valuable change with a high purpose.

We thank you for your consideration.

Kirk Loury