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BSM is a cloud-based suite of integrated wealth planning, optimization, investment, portfolio, and rebalancing software tools designed to deliver high-quality analysis and top-end output at an unprecedented economic value

No Compromises Functionality

No signToo often a good value means you must accept features and functions that are less than what you need.  Not with BSM.  Whether it’s comprehensive financial planning, product performance/risk analysis, portfolio construction, IPSs or portfolio rebalancing, BSM delivers the top end functionality you associate with “best of breed” but at an annual value that will save you thousands of dollars in software fees.

A Single Workflow for All Markets

Creative PartnershipWith BSM’s comprehensive functionality equally supports the financial planner or wealth manager models.  A single system able to cover the range of planning requirements produces important operating efficiencies while giving you flexibility to respond to any prospect or client opportunity.  And, with Avenue Robo-4-Advisors, you have a common platform to serve the emerging affluent up to the ultra high net worth.


Low Costs and Efficiency

Business ChartBSM’s low licensing cost and cloud-based delivery substantially cut your planning, data, optimization, and rebalancing costs while efficiently expanding services. BSM’s location-based pricing keeps the annual license fee at the same level even with multiple users.  And, with BSM’s Avenue Robo-4-Advisors package, you gain a market extension to the emerging affluent in which you set the fees, own all the revenues, and have complete control.    The result?  A single bundle to grow profits.


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Having a RoboAdvisor – automated investing – option is the essential tool for serving the vast emerging affluent market. There are many solutions appearing, but what are you forced to give up?
Answer: Your advice.  Your expertise. Your operations.  Your revenue.
Think of Avenue Robo-4-Advisors as your proprietary, automated investing utility (at an annual $6,000 license fee) that expands your marketplace, but with your advice, according to your practices, and 100% on your financial terms.  Visit the Avenue site to learn more.

Read Our Game Plan for Your Own RoboAdvisor

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